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Upcoming Events


  • Gathering
  • Dec.3rd 6:30  Board Meeting@ Evangelical Methodist (older building) on Okisko rd,Elizabeth City
  •  Mini DODU before Jan.gathering @ 530pm (for those who didn't make the previous one.)
  • Jan.Gathering @ 630  Evangelical  Methodist : Okisko Rd,Elizabeth City,NC 
  • 2020 Spring Walks:
  •  Men's March5-8     Women's March19-22


New Board Members

Welcome to the newest board members: Dan Lynam, Brant Honeycutt, Grace Warden,Larris Tolson, And Buddy Grasty. We do  have a vacancy since the elections that will need to be filled .... If you have had a chance to team a few times and are interested in serving on the board , we need 1 more woman to be represented. Please contact one of us and we will see that you know all the details.