News and Concerns.....


Change in Activities....

Due to restrictions and Stay at Home Order until the end of April, we have cancelled all activities for the month of April. Those events :     Gathering ,DODU, and Board Meeting will have to be rescheduled and we will post that at a later date. Please stay safe and continue to pray !!


Upcoming Events

  •               April Events Cancelled  

    Women's Walk( postponed  d/t  corona virus concerns and governor mandate.)

  • Fall Walks:  
  •   Men's walk EA 128 : Oct 1st - 4th 
  • Women's walk EA 127 : Oct 15th-19th

  • Applications for pilgrims can continue to come in and will be applied to the next set of walks.

***Application address has changed,please print new ones and discard the old. It will delay your app if you use the old