EA127 WOMEN'S WALK : October 15-19

Womens pilgrim list is subject to change as this walk has been postponed until October . This does give an opportunity for more candidates to be added to list. So check back for changes as we move closer to Oct.

        EA127 Pilgrim List  

 Lou Ellen Adams                           Washington Assembly Of God  

 Kristen  Bernard  Kitty Hawk UMC/Liberty Christian Fellowship

   Arleen Burley                                                               Ocracoke UMC  

 Casey Byrum                                       Freedom Baptist Ministries

   Courtney  Cahoon                                             Assembly of Praise 

  Amanda Conner                               Liberty Christian Fellowship 

  Ginny Crocker                                                              Newland UMC 

  Jinky Davenport                                         Manteo Baptist Church 

  Beth Dobson                                                            Source Church   

Jennifer  Gaskins                                                       St. John UMC   

Jeannie  Gibbs                                                 Zion Grove Church  

 Leslie  Gilbert                                                               Ocracoke UMC

   Anita  Mason                                                 Bethel Baptist Church  

 Jessie Mastro                                                                  St. John UMC  

 Pam  Midgett                                                               Ocracoke UMC

   Terree Neal                                                                   Kitty Hawk UMC 

   Debra  Riggs                                          Freedom Baptist Ministries 

  Martha Taylor                                                              Ocracoke UMC 

  Gwen Taylor                                                                   St. John UMC  

 Teresa Tuck                                                                     Soule UMC